Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 31 - Soul collage from last year

This is early, but I'll be getting on the fast moving train that is the High Holidays very soon, and before that...well...I work 4 nights in a row and will become a grumpy, hibernating bear.

So I thought I'd share some cards I made on my Staycation Retreat last year. Don't know how they'll hit me if I ever "pull" one and do the "I am One who...." exercise, but here they are with how they hit me a year after I made them and right before the New Year starts
                                                       In no particular order
I called this Anger. I was still chock full of anger over things that had happened in 2011 and it was a full year later. I chose images that showed destruction and anger and was surprised that a spunky woman showed up. Sometimes, it's GOOD to be angry! Some things do not deserve to be forgiven. So I stood amidst the destruction of my life, and I am One Who survives.

I thought this would be a fun one about SHOOZ! But the wistful one in the yellow scarf appears to be looking for something else. In the middle of sheer joy and fun, I am One Who is looking for Something More. And that's not always a bad thing.

This card is called Passion and I wanted to make a card showing the shadow side of that energy.
                                                             I think I succeeded.

To the left is a Healing Heart. I am One Who wears my heart on my sleeve even when it's dangerous. But my heart can heal from just about anything.

The background of that card is a picture of a salt cave that exists here in my area and I would love to visit that sometime to see how it feels.

Maybe it would detox even better than a mikvah!

I am One who is flexible at any age, any weight, anytime. I see who I am in the Autumn of my Life
                                                       And I'm just fine the way I am
                                                                   Right now

I am One who needs to dance and who has forgotten to make time for that in my life.

LOOK at the joy of movement all these people have!

I want that again!!!

I am One who needs to remember to CHILL OUT!!! Remember the past, but live life with the awareness and forgetfulness of a child.

Enlarge this one so that you can see all the laughter over people who make their own problems. I am One who looks for fires to walk through. How silly is THAT?

I am One who needs the Arts in my life. ALL of them!!




I feel like Rip Van Winkle finally waking UP!!

I am One who is of two minds about ever being in a relationship again. Do I want to stare moodily out to sea and Infinity, contemplating my life and soul? Or do I want a cozy cabin and warm companionship on the beach?

I don't know

I am One who may someday dance on the moon and try again.

But in the meantime, I am One who has rediscovered Joy and I don't intend to live without it again

                                                          Don't YOU forget it either!!

See you after the HiHo madness! If I have offended or hurt anyone in the past year, I am truly sorry. I will try my best to bring only joy and compassion to all I meet in the coming year.

And myself too. I'm putting down the baseball bat and won't beat myself up over past mistakes.

                                                 They are the past, and it's time to forget them.


  1. I am the one who enjoyed seeing your cards. The one that spoke to ME was about the need to Chill!

    1. So hard for us driven types, eh? I"m as driven as you are, just in different directions. Like ALL at once!!

      I'm glad you enjoyed them. It means a lot comng from you, with your collage magnificence!

  2. I love your soul collages Rene! So intriguing! I've wanted to try soul collage for a long time now, but haven't done it. You are inspiring me to try!

  3. So, I don't comment much...but I do come to read often. And, since I like hanging out here, I've forwarded you a nomination for the Liebster Award! Details are here: